Awards Committee 


Purpose:  SCAAS promotes public understanding of the cultural significance of astronomical knowledge among cultures of the Greater American Southwest, past and present, by supporting research, Native contributions, and its public dissemination.

Awards Committee:  The committee will consist of a minimum of three members of which one will be a member of the executive committee of the Society. The President of the Society will be an ex officio member. The members will be appointed by the Vice-President based upon recommendations by the Executive Committee.

Nominations: Two months prior to a meeting of the Society, nominations for the awards can be made by members of the Awards Committee, with input, where appropriate, from members of the Society.  Nominations shall describe the manner by which the proposed awardees satisfy the specific criteria for the award. Where appropriate a vitae and list of publications will be included. Nominations will be accepted for any of the three awards (Lifetime Achievement, Distinguished Service and Distinguished Student). The Awards committee will decide which awards, if any, will be made. Normally, only one award will be made in any one year; however, multiple awards may be made if no awards were made in interceding years between Conference. The nominations may be made with or without knowledge of the proposed awardees. 

Voting:  The Board shall vote by written or electronic ballot, no sooner than one week after nominations deadline and at least one month before a scheduled meeting of the Society.

Awards:  Awards will be announced and the awardees will be appropriately recognized at the next scheduled meeting of Th Society at an appropriate time.      

Current Committee Members:  Chris Dombrowski (, Ray Williamson (

Awards and Nomination Forms.  

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