Membership Committee 


The goals of the membership committee are:

  1. Conduct membership drives to increase Society membership and encourage participation in SCAAS events and committees.
  2. Maintain the Wild Apricot membership database.
    1. Monitor the email for new memberships and membership renewals.
    2. Enter new memberships and membership renewals made by US mail.
    3. Send new members a welcoming email.
  3. Maintain the Wild Apricot donations database.
    1. Monitor the email for new donations.
    2. Enter new donations made by US mail.
    3. Prepare formal donation receipts and send to donors with a thank you note within 48 hours of donation.
  4. Maintain and update the SCAAS GoDaddy website.
  5. Represent SCAAS at local, regional and international conferences.
    1. Vendor and information tables.
    2. Sale of publications.

Structure:  The committee will be administered by a board approved appointee and will report to the president or vice president.  The president will communicate the Board’s needs to the committee chair.

Members needed:

  1. Webmaster

Current Committee Members:  Greg Munson ( - Committee Chair 

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