Volume XXIII Cover

Archaeoastronomy: The Journal of Astronomy in Culture

Volume XXIII, 2010


Cultural Astronomy of the Ancient and Historic Southwest:

Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference on

Archaeoastronomy of the American Southwest


Todd W. Bostwick, Bryan C. Bates, and Kenneth J. Zoll

Guest Editors 

University of Texas Press, Austin.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Archaeoastronomy of the American Southwest

Todd W. Bostwick, Bryan C. Bates, and Kenneth J. Zoll


Traditional Astronomical Concepts: Linking Space, Time, and Culture

Stephen C. McCluskey


Sonsela Buttes: Where Stars Fell Down to Earth

Von Del Chamberlain, Hugh Rogers, and Harry Walters


Classic Object Lessons in Southwestern Archaeoastronomy

Victor B. Fisher


Star Trek: Recovery and Review of the First Alleged Supernova Rock Art

E. C. Krupp, Evelyn Billo, and Robert Mark


Reading, Writing, and Recording the Architecture: How Astronomical Cycles May Be Reflected in the Architectural Construction at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Gregory E. Munson, Larry V. Nordby, and Bryan C. Bates


Cultural Identity, Continuity, and Astronomy in Chaco Canyon

J. McKim Malville and Andrew M. Munro


Using Photography to Test Hypotheses in Southwestern Archaeoastronomy

John L. Ninnemann and J. McKim Malville


Calendrical Stations in Chaco Canyon

Andrew M. Munro and J. McKim Malville


Major Lunar Standstill Moonrise Shadow Casting at Casa Rinconada

Ron Sutcliffe


Modeling and Analysis of the Chaco Canyon Sun Dagger Site

Benjamin P. Luce


Petroglyph Record of a Solar Eclipse?

Paul Rodriguez


Archaeoastronomical Survey of Adobe Canyon

E. Ann Owen, Robert A. Dragon, and Steve Riley


Prehistoric Astronomy of Central Arizona

Kenneth J. Zoll


Exploring the Frontiers of Hohokam Astronomy: Tracking Seasons and Orienting Ritual Space in the Sonoran Desert

Todd W. Bostwick

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