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The purpose of the SCAAS is to advance the study and practice of cultural astronomy of the American Southwest. With this in mind, we will use this page as a clearinghouse on literature, research and educational opportunities on cultural astronomy, with emphasis on the American Southwest. Please let us know if there are any resources you believe should be added to this list.


Journal for the History of Astronomy

Archaeoastronomy: The Journal of Astronomy in Culture

Culture and Cosmos

Proceedings of the Annual Sophia Centre Conferences: Studies in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology

Alexandria explores the relationships between philosophy, cosmology, myth and culture

The Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage

Journal of Skyscape Archaeology


Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest, J. McKim Malville

Astronomy and Ceremony in the Prehistoric Southwest, edited by John Carlson and W. James Judge

Cultural Astronomy of the Ancient and Historic Southwest: Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference on Archaeoastronomy of the American Southwest, edited by Todd Bostwick, Bryan Bates and Ken Zoll

Chaco Astronomy: An Ancient American Cosmology, Anna Sofaer

Moon Tracks: Lunar Horizon Patterns, Ron Sutcliffe

Sinagua Sunwatchers, Ken Zoll

Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian, Ray A. Williamson

Landscape of the Spirits:  Hohokam Rock Art at South Mountain Park, Todd W. Bostwick and Peter Krocek

Archaeoastronomy of Southeast Colorado and the Oklahoma Panhandle, Bill McGlone, Phil P. Leonard and Ted Barker

Exploring Ancient Skies: An Encyclopedic Survey of Archaeoastronomy, David H. Kelley and Eugene F. Milone

Archaeoastronomy in the New World: American Primitive Astronomy, Anthony F. Aveni

A Geological and Archaeological Study of the Solar Gnomons at the V Bar V Heritage Site: Verde Valley Archaeology Center Occasional Paper No. 1", Todd Bostwick, Paul Lindberg and Ken Zoll

Stars of the First People: Native American Star Myths and Constellations, Dorcas Miller

Songs from the Sky: Indigenous Astronomical and Cosmological Traditions of the World, edited by John B Carlson, M Jane Young and Von Del Chamberlain

Foundations of New World Cultural Astronomy: A Reader with Commentary, Anthony Aveni

A Cultural Astronomy Study of the Casa Malpais National Historic Landmark Site, Ken Zoll

Viewing the Sky Through Past and Present Cultures: Selected Papers from the Oxford VII International Conference, edited byTodd Bostwick and Bryan Bates

Ancient Astronomy: An Encyclopedia of Cosmologies and Myth, Clive L.N. Ruggles

They Dance in the Sky: Native American Star Myths,Ray Williamson, Jean Guard Monroe and Edgar Stewart

Sharing the Skies, David Begay and Nancy C. Maryboy

Current Studies in Archaeoastronomy: Conversations Across Space and Time, edited by John W. Fountain and Rolf M. Sinclair

Archaestronomy in Pre-Columbian America, edited by Anthony F. Aveni

Earth and Sky: Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore, edited by Ray A. Williamson and Claire R. Farrer


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