Publications Committee 


The goals of the publications committee are:

  1. Publish research derived from SCAAS conferences and workshops in a variety of multimedia formats.
    1. Printed books.
    2. eBooks
    3. CD/DVD
    4. Online audio/video presentations
  2. Work closely with other SCAAS committees to support funding of technical editing and publication costs.
    1. Fundraising committee
    2. Media Committee
  3. Have a defined focus on assisting less experienced authors in developing their technical writing skills.
  4. Have a defined focus on working with Native American and other indigenous peoples to conduct research, present research and publish research through our own peer-reviewed journal or other multimedia formats.


The committee will be administered by a board approved appointee and will report to the president or vice president.  The president will communicate the Board’s needs to the committee chair.

Members needed:

  1. Committee Chair(s) – Greg Munson and Ray Williamson
  2. Qualified members and/or outside scholars to provide constructive comments on papers.
  3. Members and/or outside workers with highly developed technical editing skills.
Members with experience in publishing books through Kindle Direct Publishing, short-run printers, online and eBooks.

Current Committee Members:  Greg Munson ( and Ray Williamson ( - Committee Chairs 

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