Software used in 2017 workshop

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Photogrammetry Day:

     Software Workshop TutoralsAgisoftMeshLabSketchUp

     Sample Data and Project Files
  1. Agisoft PhotoScan  photogrammetry software used in the workshop ( Download free 30 day trial )
  2. MeshLab 2016.12  3D model manipulation software ( Download )
  3. SketchUP  3D Modeling software
  4. Google Earth Pro  GIS and mapping software 

GIS Day:

  1. QGIS  v 2.18 GIS Software  ( Download )
  2. Google Earth Pro  GIS software

Astronomy day:

  1. Stellarium  v. 0.16.1  planetarium software 
  2. Cartes du Ciel   v. 4.0  Astronomical chart software
  3. Gimp  v. 2.8.22  Image processing software

Other Useful Software:

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